​​​​​​​​Future Channeled Reading 


During this reading, I provide information I receive from my guides and your guides about what may be in your future. Remember you always have the opportunity to make choices to change things we discuss. You can feel free to ask questions as we go or prepare questions in advance.  

​Mediumship Reading 


I understand the need to connect with your guides and friends or relatives beyond the veil. I combine my metaphysical awareness and life experiences to help those experience insight and often times, closure.

Intuitive Consultant  


I am excited to provide intuitive consulting that combines my education, my many years of business consulting and my intuitive skills.  With these, I can help you understand if the life choices you are making in the present will bring you to the path and vision you have for your future.  It is my goal to assist you with moving past anything that is blocking you from your desired passion.

​Jeani Middleton     Psychic Readings